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Sierra and I with Mac!


Sierra and I with Mac!

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list of my favorite actors & actresses » Kevin Spacey

"Am I now supposed to go on Oprah and cry and tell you my deepest, darkest secrets because you want to know?"
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The mirror is in every room in the ballet world, because ballet dancers are constantly looking at themselves, studying themselves, and maybe even judging themselves. All the time. So it was very clear to me that the mirror was a major character in this film. And the film is also about doubles. Your reflection is your double, isn’t it? So it just became a really important part of the film. And very early on we started to think of all the different types of tricks we could do with mirrors. - Darren Aronofsky

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"Michael is a deep well. He doesn’t have his shtick. He’s willing to make himself look like an idiot to get where he wants to go. It’s like painting the most beautiful landscape, then taking a cloth and wiping all that beauty away to start again. To be willing to throw all that good work out of the window. He’s not vain. He’s not precious. He’s the boxer and I’m the trainer in that light. And every fight will be different."
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Prince George of Cambridge ♥
Prince George of Cambridge ♥
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Quentin Tarantino / L’Envers du Décors


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Movies re-imagined for another time & place by Peter Stults

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Holden Caulfield is a fucking crybaby. 


English, International Baccalaureate

The Use of Language to Create Pathos in The Catcher in the Rye


what happened to your evan fic

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kk i have a lot of these asks: it’s gone. 

sry friends thx for the support tho :)

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sorry for bothering you but u have a lot of followers and i'm looking for a movie since years.. is about a dude and a girl who are friends, the dude plays baseball and he writes her name on the sand or w/e is called for good luck ( i think her name was melissa or something? ) and then he got hit on the head and he was in coma haha idk please u or followers help :( sorry to bother u but i been literally looking for this movie forever :(

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not a bother at all!! i don’t know what movie you’re talking about — but maybe somebody else does???? can you remember if it was a comedy? drama? can you remember any of the actors’ names??

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